By a wide margin, Rocha beats Zamora in the Sinaloa elections


So far, the PREP indicates that Morena’s candidate for governor of Sinaloa has more than 120,000 votes over the PRI candidate

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- With a wide margin and more than half of the votes counted until the eight o’clock cut-off, Rubén Rocha Moya, candidate for governor of Sinaloa for Morena-PAS, surpasses Mario Zamora Gastélum, standard-bearer of the alliance It goes through Sinaloa, with a very wide margin.

So far 3,100 records have been captured in the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP), which represents a total of 695 thousand 213 votes, of which 391 thousand 614 are for Rocha Moya and 229 thousand 919 are for Mario Zamora.

With this, the Moreno candidate surpasses the PRI with more than 160 thousand votes, so the tendency is that the advantage continues to grow between both candidates.

On Sunday night, the INE’s quick count technical advisory council reported that Zamora Gastélum’s vote margin would range between 31.1 and 33.7 percent of the total issued by Sinaloans, while Rocha Moya would exceed it, as the trend indicated that its margin would be between 55.8 and 58.4 percent of the preferences.

According to the aforementioned court, Sergio Torres Félix, candidate for governor for the Citizen Movement, had already obtained a total of 19 thousand 718 votes; Gloria González Burboa, the candidate for the PT, obtained 12,81 votes.

Rosa Elena Millán, from Fuerza por México, was still behind with a total of 6,470 votes, then there was Ricardo Arnulfo Mendoza Sauceda, for the Solidarity Encounter Party, with 6,810.

Yolanda Cabrera Peraza, from Progressive Social Networks, obtained a total of 5 thousand 198 votes, and in last place was Misael Sánchez Sánchez, who managed to win 5 thousand 983 votes.


The Mazatlan Post