Mazatlan authorities to increase hotel and restaurant occupancy capacity


Because Sinaloa has remained in the green color at the COVID-19 epidemiological traffic light, the authorities authorized an increase in the capacity in the restaurants and hotels of the port

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Because Sinaloa has remained green in the epidemiological traffic light of the Federal Ministry of Health due to the low incidence of active cases of the SARS-COV-2 virus, the authorities authorized hotels to increase their capacity by 80 percent, and restaurants by up to 70 percent in Mazatlán, stated Roberto Lem González.

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in the Municipality, specified that this is of great relevance, and more so because every weekend there is a strong influx of visitors to the destination. But it also goes hand in hand, he said, with the commitment to continue caring for both tourists and locals with health protocols.

Hoteles de Mazatlán se reportan al 40 por ciento de ocupación

“I also tell you that in the restaurant area, in the gastronomic sector they can already open their capacity in their establishments to 70 percent, and this still generates a lot of concurrence, that tourism decides to come to Mazatlán,” he said.

The Camaral leader is waiting for the Alcoholes delegation to inform them of the guidelines on the dry law, and the turns of the tourist face of the port of Mazatlán that they will be able to sell alcohol without problems during the weekend.

“Like the area of ​​Avenida del Mar, Centro Histórico, Marina, Camarón Sábalo where there could be some turns as a restaurateur, mainly gastronomic that could operate as they have been doing on some other occasions, but, we are waiting for nothing more than the authorities that define which will make the specific hours, and the specific turns, “he indicated.

En Mazatlán, Sinaloa, reportan incremento en llegada de turistas

Finally, Canaco Mazatlán predicts a good weekend in terms of hotel occupancy despite the electoral process that will take place this Sunday, June 6 in the state of Sinaloa.


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