There’s no water! 18 towns in rural Mazatlán suffer from drought


The government is sending them water through water trucks to temporarily face the problem, but the definitive solution is to build an infrastructure to give them the vital liquid directly from the Picachos dam, declared Enrique Alarcón Tostado.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- About 18 towns that go from El Habal, Puertas de Canoa, Los Limones, and even affectation in the southern part, such as Lomas de Monterrey, are those that today are suffering strongly during this hot season due to the issue of drought in the municipality of Mazatlán, declared Enrique Alarcón Tostado. 

The director of Evaluation and Rural Liaison of the City Council said that the government, in conjunction with the federal authorities, works hard sending water through water trucks to minimize the effects that the drought is causing in the rural area of ​​the town. 

“Mainly the northern part, no. The part of Habal, Puerta de Canoa, Los Limones, is apart, it is the most complicated and we partially affect Lomas de Monterrey in the highlands and in other police stations; and the effort is being made to reduce the drought through water trucks ”, he pointed out.  

The local official specified that they are currently working with a medium and long-term vision to solve this problem that occurs every year; In other words, to face the drought, and infrastructure must be built that allows water to be brought from the Picachos dam, for all those towns that today do not have the supply of vital liquid. 

“A medium and long-term vision is being sought to solve all that is low water and the lack of drinking water in rural areas, with systems that guarantee through dams and purification, infrastructure that allows solving the problem, why not We can continue to drain the water wells or fix the pumping equipment, ”he said.   

Finally, Alarcón Tostado clarified that the productive zone of this entire region continues its course and even, farmers raise their crops back in October when the rains begin to fall in the town, right now not because there is a plague and that damages planting. 


The Mazatlan Post