200 Sinaloa schools have been vandalized during the pandemic


Juan Alfonso Mejía López, mentioned that the SEPyC will start a cleaning program for schools throughout the state of Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- Damage to public schools does not stop, since 209 institutions have been vandalized so far in the pandemic, equivalent to 3.5 percent of schools in Sinaloa, reported the Secretary of Public Education and Culture, Juan Alfonso Mejía López.

The state official explained that the greatest damage is concentrated in Culiacán with a total of 103 vandalized schools, while Mazatlán is in second place with a figure well below the capital, and the rest belongs to Ahome and Guasave.

We have 3.5 percent of schools that have suffered vandalism, we are accompanying them with the insurance issue, some have already charged some 21 thousand pesos another 123 thousand pesos, this depends on the damage they have had. Without a doubt, if there is a school It is important for us. However, there are 3.5, half of those schools are in the city of Culiacán, “he said.

He mentioned that the effects range from theft of wiring, the iron of some infrastructure, and mainly the air conditioning system of the classrooms.

Mejía López reported that once the electoral process is over, the SEPyC will start a cleaning program for schools throughout the state, where they will be cleaning the overgrown forest and repairing other types of damage.

He also commented that for this program the support of the City Councils will be requested in case heavy machinery is needed and to be able to bring the schools to the conditions in which they were before the pandemic.

Finally, he mentioned that the institutions must be ready for a future back to school.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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