Isla Diamante Tower, on Del Mar Avenue, violates Mazatlan Construction Regulations


The real estate project built by AV Constructora is not respecting the space that must be left between one construction and another, in addition, it does not show the details of who carries out the work, permit number, and Director Responsible for Construction

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Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A new building, the condominium tower called Isla Diamante, is not complying with what the Mazatlán Construction Regulations say.

Isla Diamante tower bench

And it is that the real estate project does not comply with the minimum that marks said regulation, according to the regulations, the Director Responsible for the Work is obliged to place in a visible place of the work, an appropriate sign, with legible characters Name and Registration Number of the DRO and of the Co-Responsible, if applicable; The Institution from which you graduated and the College to which you are affiliated; Name or company name and domicile of the Builder and Registration Number with the Management; Work License Number and its address; Type of Work and Permitted Land Use.

Isla Diamante tower bench

The other violation of the regulation is that the project is not respecting the space between one construction and another, which, according to Article 160, in order not to affect the structure of neighboring properties or buildings, must be no less than 5 centimeters, and accordingly To the Director Responsible for Construction of said project, the space that AV Constructora is leaving is one to half an inch.

Isla Diamante tower bench

In addition, the construction company also “grabbed” part of the pedestrian sidewalk to place some wooden bars to place a temporary blacksmithing structure.



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