Posts placed on Mazatlan’s Sábalo-Cerritos bike path; latent danger for cyclists


What it would most surely cause is a mishap due to the fact that some parts of the bike lane have a small curve

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.– The bicycle lanes built on the most important avenues represent prevention and safety for those who use two-wheelers either to get to work or to play sports.

However, the bicycle lane that runs along the entire Sábalo-Cerritos avenue, the work of the State Government, far from representing safety for those who travel it daily, has been found to be a latent danger due to the ‘prevention’ posts. ‘that were placed in each vehicle return.

Sábalo-Cerritos bike path

In a route that Reacción Informativa carried out for a large part of the section destined for this type of transport, it was possible to corroborate that, in effect, there are 3 posts approximately one meter high that is placed on the green paint, which are supposedly for that the cyclist slows down and gives way to vehicles, however, that area is little traveled by vehicles.

Cyclists consulted about this section agreed that it does not represent their prevention at all, since far from avoiding an incident, what would most surely cause a mishap because some parts of the bike lane have a small curve which makes it difficult for them to observe even at 5 meters the buffers

Sábalo-Cerritos bike path

“It is dangerous, because in this area there are many cyclists who use this road to exercise or train and do it at high speed, and running into this is a real obstacle,” said Fernando, a cyclist in the area.

The users of this type of transport asked the authorities involved in the construction of this type of route to reconsider this type of signaling due to the low security it represents for them.


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