Mazatlan’s Gaviotas Beach receives recertification on a 500-meter section


Secretary of Sustainable Development asks not to leave garbage on the beaches to have clean and sustainable coastal ecosystems

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For complying with the official Mexican standard 120-SemarnatGaviotas beach in Mazatlán received the recertification of Sustainable Clean Beach in a recreational modality granted by the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification (IMNC).

The stretch that achieved recognition is 500 meters of beach.

During the announcement, the Secretary of Sustainable Development, Isabel Mendoza Camacho, commented that Sinaloa ranks second nationally with 7 sections certified as Playa Limpia, which comply with the environmental, health, safety and service quality standards for their management. sustainable.

She and the director of the Operadora y Administradora de Playas de Mazatlán (OAP), Jorge Contreras, pointed out that this distinction is the result of the joint work carried out since 2013 by the government of Sinaloa, the OAP and hoteliers, to channel economic resources and humans for that purpose.

Mendoza Camacho said that they are working in coordination with organized civil society in several municipalities to obtain more certifications of clean beaches, through garbage collection campaigns, awareness of environmental care and promotion of a culture of cleanliness.

He called on the population to keep the beaches and seas clean, and not to leave garbage or debris on the beaches, including cigarette butts, plastic and glass bags or containers.

The event was also attended by Luis Alarcón, IMNC certification, products, services and special events manager; Luis Terán, Secretary of Economic Development, representing Mayor José Manuel Villalobos; Councilor Isabel Gamboa, Astrid Macías, director of CAPTA and representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and the Gaviana, Emporio and Playa Mazatlán hotels.


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