Mazatlan flights will normalize by next winter


The recovery of the Mazatlán Airport was ascending, but was halted with the restrictions of the United States and Canada

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Although Covid-19 cases have stabilized in Sinaloa, it will be for the last quarter of the year when passenger traffic at the Mazatlán International Airport normalizes.

The leader of the Airport Land Transport Association, Román Aguayo Hernández , stated that national tourism continues to travel by air, but that this slowdown is international.

All sanitary measures are applied at the terminal. 

I am very hopeful that this will be fixed by next winter and everything will return to normal, especially that there they are very advanced with vaccination.

Aguayo Hernandez

Aguayo Hernández commented that with the forced confinement for more than a year, the Americans and Canadians will come out of a “stampede” once the restrictions are removed.

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He said that air connectivity will continue to vary from August to November and despite the crisis in which it reached the bottom with 8% of the passage in April and May 2020.

“It has been a recovery to a certain extent very accelerated, Mazatlán was the airport that was best placed from August to November of last year with 75% of the passage that moved in 2019.”

The transport leader indicated that the national passage recovered, but that the cancellations of scheduled flights continue, which affects taxi drivers, since they barely manage to make two trips.

In December, with the lack of international tourism, there was a “downturn” at the airport, and in January, with the measures of Canada and the United States, it fell again and reached 62%.


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