In Mexico, there are fewer and fewer Catholics


In recent years there has been a decrease of 5%, he says; Church member scandals, a cause of discharge, indicates

The 2020 census data reveal that in Mexico the Catholic population is in decline, the Archdiocese of Mexico admitted this Sunday.

When analyzing the reasons why the number of Catholics fell dramatically in the last 10 years by 5 percent, from 82.7 percent to 77.7 percent of the faithful, the Catholic hierarchy admitted that the bad examples and scandals of some of its members have caused the moral erosion of the Catholic faith.

“Although there are luminous examples such as Mother Teresa of Calcutta and thousands of men and women at the service of their brothers, especially the poorest, there have also been some characters who have caused a scandal for their bad actions and the contradiction of their lives Good is generally not news, evil is always magnified. The Church has suffered moral wear and tear before society, due to the bad example of some “, highlighted the weekly Desde la Fe.

Throughout the self-criticism, the Catholic clergy maintained that they have had no tangible results in fostering, out of conviction and not mere tradition, deep faith in this religious belief.

The self-evaluation of the census figures in the eyes of the Archdiocese indicates that “a sincere but insufficient religious practice prevails, supported more by traditions than by the personal experience of faith. Many authentic religious expressions, but with evident deficiencies in relation to a conviction that goes beyond mere custom and has deep formative elements “, highlighted the Sunday message.

He added that there is the training of pastoral agents; priests, men, and women religious or laity “but something else is missing”.

Regarding other factors that affect the decline of Catholics in Mexico, it was identified that society is advancing rapidly in the field of secularism, as happens in many countries of the world.

Economic well-being, together with progress in science and technology, makes people alien to religious practices and uses and rejects any idea of ​​spiritual transcendence.

As of today, this sector includes 10 million Mexicans and believers without religion add up to three million people.

This phenomenon is very noticeable in European countries, as well as in Canada and Australia. It is one of the fastest growing data in Mexico from 2010 to 2020 “.

Another reason why Catholicism declined in Mexico has to do with the growth of other religious beliefs such as, for example, that of evangelical Christians, which increased from 7.5 percent to 11.2 percent, which means that they went from 10 million to just over 14 million professors.

For all these reasons, the Catholic Church called on its pastors and faithful to renew their faith and return to the fundamentals, to be a reference of commitment and hope for society to have an open-door policy.

The archdiocese said that it refused to read the census figures in another sense since it would have been very easy to conclude that in 2010 there were just over 84 million Catholics and in 2021 there are almost 98 million.

However, although the Catholic faith continues to predominate in Mexico, in proportion to the total population, the reading is different, since there are two sectors that continue to grow both in percentage and in people.


Mexico Daily Post