Mexico will stop receiving 782 million dollars for suspension of Canadian flights: Sectur


The Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, recalled that in 2020, the total number of passengers who arrived in Mexico by air from Canada was one million 20,000, which meant a reduction of 61.3%, compared to what was registered in 2019.

The suspension of Air Canada, Air Transat, Sunwing, and WestJet flights to tourist destinations in Mexico for the next three months, determined by the government of Canada to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, will generate a decrease of 782 million dollars in attracting tourist foreign exchange and the arrival of 791,000 visitors.

In a statement released this Sunday, January 31, on the website of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur), it was reported on the eventual loss due to the actions that came into force this Sunday and will end on April 30 (the only airports that will receive International flights are: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal).

Consequently, Aeromexico will suspend its flights to Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto between February 8 and 10, to resume on May 1 if the authorities allow it.

Canada is the second country of origin of tourists to Mexico, below the United States.

“The loss may be less than estimated, since the Canadian government restrictions are similar to those imposed by the United States government, which can be mitigated with actions that some Mexican airlines and hotels in tourist destinations in the country are applying with Covid-19 tests anticipated upon the return of tourists to their nation of origin, mainly from the American Union, and with strict bio sanitary measures during their stay in Mexico, ”explained the head of the Sectur, Miguel Torruco Marqués, in the statement.

The agency recalled that on a date yet to be confirmed, all passengers arriving in Canada will have to undergo a PCR test at the disembarkation airport and wait for 72 hours at a designated hotel until the results are obtained. This stay can reach a cost of 2,000 Canadian dollars and must be covered by the traveler.

With these actions, Torruco Marqués said that the Canadian government will also register a decrease in the flow of Mexican travelers, which is estimated at 372,000 tourists, with a loss of 368 million dollars in its foreign exchange acquisition.

After the Canadian decision was made public, it was reported that the Government of Mexico vows that the most recent measure announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can be withdrawn as soon as possible in order to prevent a deep economic crisis in the Americas region. from North.

Source: El Economista

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