Mazatlan Mayor may still run for Governor of Sinaloa with another political party


TEESIN ordered Morena to restore political rights to the President of Mazatlán

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, assured that he already has the political maturity to participate in the next elections with or without Morena.

Benítez Torres said the above after the Sinaloa State Electoral Tribunal ordered the Morena National Commission of Honor and Justice last Saturday to restore his party rights as a militant.

“I already have electoral arms and legs, I can go with any party and with my own party,” he said.

 alianza PRI-PAN-PRD busca quitar mayoría a Morena

Regarding the supposed invitations that other parties have made to nominate him as a candidate for Governor, the Mazatlan Mayor acknowledged that he has several proposals, but first, he will exhaust the instances of his party.

However, he said that he has not made the decision yet, he will continue in the desire to run for governor or for re-election.

“I have not made the decision, it is that in the legal game as the law gives us a way to go, I am exploring them all and as they have been falling one by one we will continue in the others,” he added.

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He said that once the call for Morena is open for the registration of his applicants, his lawyers will be the ones who will tell him whether to register or not.


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