Los Cabos Civil Protection closes bar having a clandestine party


Owners of the location where the party was held were arrested and will remain as arrested for 36 hours or must pay a fine of 30 thousand pesos. The operations are serious about those who violate health provisions, reiterated Coordinating Council 

In the early hours of this Sunday, in a joint operation with the Municipal Civil Protection security table, it closed a bar that worked at hours already past what was allowed and with a maximum capacity of approximately 40 people, for which an administrative procedure was applied.

Likewise, a house room or clandestine party room was closed, a meeting of approximately 200 people, reported the municipal director of Civil Protection, Erick Santillán who indicated that as an authority they could not enter the home but they proceeded to cancel the party and began to At the disposal of the authority, four men and a woman, apparently the owners of the location and are under the custody of the municipal authority and will have to remain as arrested for 36 hours or pay the financial penalty that amounts to 30 thousand pesos per person per violation of the police and good government side and violation of the decrees of the State Health Safety Council of last December.


For his part, the executive president of the Coordinating Council of Los Cabos, Julio Castillo, affirmed that this issue of operations and sanctions against those who fail to comply with the provisions of the State Health Safety Council is serious since it is not possible that with these behaviors are putting the entire community at risk.

He said that these operations were carried out on Saturday morning, the authorities closing three restaurant bars, and this Sunday at dawn in an operation they closed a canteen that had been denounced many times by citizens and closed a clandestine party. 

He said that based on the agreements of the Covid Table, the operations will continue very stealthy and with intelligence to discover all those restaurant-bar owners that do not meet the capacity and have open more time than allowed and owners of premises that hold clandestine parties.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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