Foreign tourist who tested positive escapes from hospital in Cancun


CANCÚN, Q.ROO.- A foreign tourist was reported by passers-by for carrying out excesses in the hotel zone of Cancun. When the police took note of the case, they discovered that the Lithuanian citizen was not only upset: he was positive for COVID and had escaped from the General Hospital of Cancun.

According to the Quintana Roo Police report, at 10:10 a.m. yesterday, agents of the Tourist Police came to verify a call for help received at the emergency number 911, to attend to a person who was lying in the public road, at kilometer 3.5 of the hotel zone.

When the police arrived, the tourist Marius N, 40 years old; was sitting quietly on the grass at the side of the bike lane. But when they approached him they noticed that he would not stop coughing so, fearful that it was a symptom of COVID, they moved away and requested support from the health authorities.

When paramedics from a private company arrived, they confirmed that Marius N was positive for coronavirus. Meanwhile, they created a security perimeter around the Lithuanian. In addition, they revealed that he has already been admitted several times to the General Hospital, so it is not the first time that he escapes.

According to the report that the paramedic provided to the police, the foreigner suffers from COVID-19 and is asymptomatic.

The Gran Caribe hotel, where he stayed, had referred him to the Jesús Kumate General Hospital on two occasions, but he decided to leave the hospital, for reasons not specified.

Gran Caribe hotel

The official report mentions that, during his stay in the hospital, he behaved aggressively with the staff and adds that he refused to be transferred back to the hospital.

Faced with the resistance of the tourist to be channeled to a medical institution, the police limited themselves to cordoning off the area where he was staying and, sometime later, he voluntarily withdrew, without any authority having informed whether he followed up on his whereabouts or condition.

Marcus was transferred to a private clinic for his medical attention. However, so far his medical or legal situation is unknown.

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