7 murdered in cold blood in Ojuelos, Jalisco


Gunmen on two motorcycles burst into a weekend party and robbed those at the house, then returned a few minutes later and opened fire, killing six men and one woman, authorities in north-central Mexico reported Sunday.

Jalisco state prosecutors said the attack occurred late Saturday. Jalisco has long been home to the cartel of the same name, but the attack occurred close to the border with Zacatecas state, where several drug gangs have been fighting for territory.

A shooting attack on anther party in the neighboring state of Michoacan wounded several people. State police said three assailants opened fire at partygoers in the city of Uruapan. Local media reported there were children at the party and among the wounded.

While authorities in most states in Mexico have discouraged holding parties during the coronavirus pandemic, there has been little enforcement. Mexico’s federal government has discouraged states from arresting or fining people for such behavior.

Source: Milenio

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