No roof or identity; poverty grows in the streets of Mazatlán


While some do their Christmas shopping, others think about what they are going to eat the next day

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The economic scourge, and the arrival of Christmas, force entire families and older adults to seek charity in the urban area.

At 6:40 a.m., the sun rises on the horizon for citizens, who wake up in soft beds under the protection of a roof and the warmth of a safe breakfast, but it is not until they leave their homes to perform the daily routine that come to life those images of children stretching out their hands in search of something to fill the void in their stomachs, or of those people with gray hair and thousands of stories on their skin that serve as papyrus, escaping the gaze of who pass indifferently.

No roof or identity; invisible to the world that does not stop, so far from the society that it ignores them, they do not have a law that ensures their integrity and humanity; Thus, the number of people who take to the streets of Mazatlán in search of one more opportunity to live has been increasing.

People begging People asking for money on the street

Only on Benito Juárez Street, in the center of the city, is a father observed with his minor daughters. The man plays an instrument while the girls ask for money.

In that same street, on the same sidewalk, among the people, a woman, already old, sneaks among the passers-by “stretching out” her hand to survive.

People begging People asking for money on the street

An older man, too, rests on a sidewalk, asking for money from people coming out of a department store.


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