The Star of Bethlehem will be seen from Chiapas


The luminous phenomenon has not been seen since 400 years ago will be broadcast by the Astronomical Club Jatamatzá on December 21 from 6:00 p.m.

The Astronomical Club Jatamatzá will carry out a live broadcast on Monday, December 21, so that Chiapas can learn in detail the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, a phenomenon popularly known as the Christmas Star or the Star of Bethlehem.

“We are going to put cameras on the telescopes and do a live broadcast. We would have liked to offer people the opportunity to see the phenomenon through our equipment, but due to the pandemic, we will do it all virtual with special astrophotography cameras. Starting at 6:00 pm we will have the equipment installed and as soon as the dots start to shine we will start the transmission, ”informed Óscar Cruz Toalá, representative of Jatamatzá.

Cruz Toalá explained that from Monday night until Friday 25, you will be able to see two very bright points in the sky that will get closer, “at the closest point when the conjunction is achieved.”

“Jupiter and Saturn will be so close together that they will look like the same object and they will shine a lot. This event already happened approximately 400 years ago, Galileo Galilei was the last one who could see the conjunction of these two planets as such, but the conjunctions between different planets are common to see them in periods of 20 years”.

The representative of the Astronomical Club Jatamatzá clarified that there is nothing scientific that indicates that “this conjunction could be visible at the time of the birth of the baby Jesus”, but one of the theories is that “it could be Venus or a comet”.

“There is no scientific data that corroborated that this particular event has been repeated on the same date of birth of the child God”, Óscar Cruz Toalá pointed out that from Monday in the evenings “you will be able to see both planets The bright one – the bottom one – is Jupiter, and the top one – the smallest one – is Saturn. These planets shine so brightly because Jupiter is the giant of the solar system and its atmosphere is completely gas, so it emits a lot of brightness because it reflects a lot of sunlight.

The conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn can be seen throughout Mexico, however in the southeast area the phenomenon can only be seen for about an hour and a half, but those who live in the north will have two more hours.


San Cristobal Post