Three new flights arrive in Los Cabos this weekend


The general director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust ( Fiturca ), Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, reported that this Saturday three new flights arrive in Los Cabos from Sacramento, Austin, and New York, the three are new routes that arrive from markets with high growth and that will represent the arrival of just over 20 thousand tourists per month in addition to those who are already traveling to this tourist area of ​​the country.

General Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust

In an interview he said that New York is very significant because it is a state that was changing its way of traveling for several years, there is a certain flow of tourists who were looking to visit Los Cabos and it will be possible to bring an affluent tourist who demands gastronomy and various activities as well as the taste of the arts.

The second market, which is Austin, Texas, is a market with the whole context of covid, the city of Austin is attracting professionals from many parts of the United States, large technology companies that have been opening offices, specializing in technology, finance, and It will be possible to achieve direct connectivity with a professional and nearby market as in other cities in Texas, because not only the Austin market is being attracted but also that of San Antonio, which is the second-largest source of tourists to Los Cabos.

The third destination Sacramento, which is a region within California that is the primary market for Los Cabos and that is having a significant boom due to technology companies that are located in the region. 

“So with this we will be able to capitalize on three potential markets that we are sure will be a success for the destination and which is also a reflection of a market trend where new points of origin are being captured in the United States in response to this recovery and demand that Los Cabos is having. “

He also pointed out that in the case of New York, only with New York routes, because the destination has three airline lines in addition to this new flight, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines are also flying, with these three lines they will ensure 4 thousand seats per week direct from an affluent market like New York and there will be more than 15 thousand potential tourists from the New York area by the end of the month.

In the case of Austin and Sacramento, there are around 4,500 monthly tourists from each of these cities who will be visiting the Cabeño tourist destination.

Finally, Rodrigo Esponda pointed out, if 176,000 tourists arrived at the destination in November, it will be possible to attract an additional 20,000 from a relevant market like New York.


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