National Guard recovers six toll booths taken in Sinaloa


A mixed force, led by elements of the National Guard, evicted the occupants of six toll booths that they had taken, some for a year, from the four roads, in the north of Sinaloa, and El Rosario, in the extreme south.

Last Saturday night, in an operation, in which elements of the army, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation and the State Police, among other agencies, participated, they proceeded to peacefully withdraw to all the people who kept the tollbooths taken.

Once the people were removed, many of them wearing phosphorescent vests, the toll booth control personnel returned to their duties, with the presence of the National Guard.

Guardia Nacional toma el control de casetas en el país

The booths that were kept taken by various organizations are located in the municipalities of Culiacán, Guasave, Mazatlán, and El Rosario, where most of them young people, left free passage to drivers, in exchange for voluntary fees that were on average from 50 to one hundred pesos per unit.

The eviction and reinstatement of personnel in the toll booths, generated in some points of the state highway system the formation of long lines of loaded trailers, passenger trucks, and private vehicles, for which the circulation was formalized until the first hours of this Sunday.


The Mazatlan Post