Mexicans consume 50 times less wine than the French


The per capita intake of the drink in the country is barely 1 liter a year compared to European nations where consumption reaches one liter per week.

Although per capita wine consumption in Mexico has grown to 1 liter, this only represents a small fraction of personal consumption of the drink in other countries.

The world leader in this area is Portugal, whose consumption per person is 62 liters per year, that is, just over 82 and a half regular bottles (750 ml), something like one every 4 days and a little bit. This according to figures from the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV).

The second place in the world for per capita consumption belongs to France, where about 50 liters (66.6 bottles) are ingested per year, followed by Italy, with 44 liters per year (58.6 bottles) and Switzerland, with 36 liters (48 bottles).

Los mexicanos consumen 50 veces menos vino que los franceses

The global consumption of this grape-based fermentation reached 24,600 million liters in 2018, of which just over 126 million were ingested in Mexico, something like 0.5% worldwide.

“For the next 10 years the growth of consumption is exponential, we are calculating that the market will grow by 40%, ironically the production remains stable, growing”, indicated Hans Backhoff, president of the Mexican Wine Council.

Pau Roca, President of the OIV, stressed that global consumption also registered increases, in addition to the fact that the exchange of this drink has led to 1 out of every 2 bottles produced crossing borders between countries.

In his presentation, he also highlighted that France is the third country that exports the most wine by volume, but the one with the highest income due to this, which means that its wine is more expensive.

Where is the great added value? In the sparkling, especially the Champagne ”, he highlighted.


Mexico Daily Post