In Mazatlan, ‘everyone’ can ride along the boardwalk


To have access to these vehicles, an appointment must be made at no cost

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- One piece of news that will benefit people with disabilities is the arrival of the ‘Tricycles’ at the port. DIF Mazatlán System and the City Council offer families the possibility of riding in these vehicles at no cost.

This project headed by the President of DIF Mazatlán, Gabriela Peña Chico, arises with the aim of continuing with the inclusion in recreational spaces for children and adolescents with disabilities and their families.

tricycles 28 11 2020

Peña Chico with the support of institutions with a social sense integrated to DIF Sinaloa and its president Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz as well as Qualitas, an insurance company, Grupo Jonsson, insurance and bonds and Baikas bike rentals, in support of the initiative.

In her message, the President of DIF Mazatlán stated that this project reinforces the inclusion work that has been strongly generated in recent years.

“We want a Mazatlán with opportunities for all people, where the rights of all people are respected and especially the inclusion that we have been driving with great force in Mazatlán,” said Gabriela Peña Chico.

“We are delighted because we have obtained donations through the company to buy wheelchairs with bicycles, imagine the inclusion, the happiness that an older adult, a girl or boy with a disability will have who can come to use the bike path with their father, brother or son ”, continued the President of DIF Mazatlán.

tricycles 28 11 2020

DIF Mazatlán system has 9 adapted tricycles with a safety seat for girls and boys with belts and ties for stability. A family member will be in control as the driver. In turn, the child seat can be removed so that an adolescent or adult with a disability can also use the service.

The tricycles must be scheduled at least one week in advance to the number 9 15 80 00 Ext. 1255 in the coordination of people with disabilities of Municipal DIF, the date and time for the loan of the tricycle will be scheduled for a period of 60 minutes I mean one hour, the service is totally free.

Personnel from the area for people with disabilities will take the vehicle as a loan at a point agreed by the applicant and it will be collected at the same point.


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