Dollar/Peso exchange rate in Mexico falls today Friday, November 13, 2020


The price of the dollar continues to remain without exceeding the barrier of $ 20 pesos per unit, after weeks of remaining stable in the exchange rate in Mexican banks 

Mexico.- The price of the dollar in Mexico lost value in the purchase and sale, after having maintained its downward trend during the weekend, since the exchange rate this Friday, November 13, lost a total of $ 0.0014 pesos, compared to the previous day.

The US dollar presents an average value in the exchange rate this morning at the points of sale and purchase in Mexico, this Friday, November 13, of $ 20.4944 Mexican pesos, remaining within $ 20 pesos per unit, as had been maintained in previous days.

However, each bank in Mexico presents a variable value in the purchase and sale of dollars in the territory of the Republic.

The price of the US dollar averages at the window at $ 20.2429.
While its window value per sale averages at $ 20,7459.

This is how the price of the dollar is found in some of the banks in Mexico.

For payments of obligations in official institutions, it is valued at $ 20,5772 Mexican pesos. On the SAT it is valued at $ 20,5303.

 Source: MéxicoTradingView

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