Young woman attacked in Mazatlan’s infonavit playa neighborhood


MAZATLÁN.- The lifeless body of a young woman was left lying on Avenida De las Torres del Infonavit Playas, after being attacked with a knife.

The report on the violent attack was given at approximately 00:00 on Sunday; Elements of Veteran Firefighters Mazatlán were in charge of attending to the woman who was unofficially said to be 22 years old, minutes after the service they reported that she had no vital signs.

The informative part details that the victim was attacked with a knife repeatedly, she tried to escape from her attackers, leaving blood stains and part of her belongings in her wake on the dark sidewalk.

With the place protected, elements of the South Zone Vice Prosecutor’s Office proceeded to cordon off the area and the funeral home on duty took the body to its facilities where it is expected to be claimed.


The Mazatlan Post