This is how Hurricane Zeta hit the coasts of Quintana Roo


On Monday night, Hurricane Zeta hit the coasts of the state of Quintana Roo with winds between 75 and 95 kilometers per hour, which left slight material damages in several municipalities of the state such as fallen trees and poles and floods.

The hurricane made landfall as category one, causing heavy rains mainly in six municipalities, where since yesterday afternoon elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), from Military Base 34, were deployed activating the DN-III Plan.

On Tuesday morning, the governor of the entity, Carlos Joaquín González announced that the hurricane had degraded to a tropical storm after passing through Quintana Roo, and at 6:00 a.m. it was already 140 kilometers north of the state with a path to the United States.

“Hurricane #Zeta has degraded, it is now a tropical storm again, it is located 140 kilometers east southeast of Progreso, has maximum sustained winds of 110 km / h and is moving northwest at 22 km / h,” he published in his twitter account.

Although the danger has passed, the state president asked the population and tourists to stay away from the beaches since the tide remains at high levels. It also reported a white balance , according to a report issued by health and safety authorities.

“The reports we have so far indicate a white balance after the passage of hurricane #Zeta for #QuintanaRoo. Operating airports, hospitals and health centers without news and work is being done to restore public services that were lost in some cities and neighborhoods ”.

Quintana Roo is ready to receive tourists, says Carlos Joaquín

Governor Carlos Joaquín González assured that the state has already recovered from the passage of hurricane “Zeta”

Quintana Roo is ready to receive tourists, says Carlos Joaquín
THEY RECEIVE TOURISTS. The authorities assure that you can already visit the area

Carlos Joaquín González, Governor of Quintana Roo, announced that the balance of the passage of hurricane “ Zeta ” was white. He also mentioned that the number of climatological phenomena that have affected the climate in the state has been a challenge for his government to face since there have been 28 tropical depressions, three tropical storms, and two hurricanes during the year. 

In an interview with Javier Alatorre, the local leader explained that the support from the Natural Disaster Fund ( Fonden) that he has received from the federal administration was not financial, but in kind. In this way, he added, the population has received food supplies, and some resources that it assures are not enough. 

Without resources

He stressed that there has been no possibility of obtaining capital to be able to carry out the actions to repair the affected roads, although he assured that agencies such as the CFE are working to combat some damage left by the hurricane

During the talk, Carlos Joaquín mentioned that tourism has begun to gradually reactivate, to the point that there is already 50 hotel occupancy pointss. 

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