Food delivery companies in Mazatlan struck by COVID-19


The Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected taxi drivers or urban bus drivers in Mazatlan, but has also reduced the food service provided by some online platforms.

Some dealers report a drop in service of up to 50 percent, ensuring there are no deliveries.

“I can tell you that work fell by up to 50 percent, we are not making trips, really this pandemic is affecting everyone equally,” said an Uber Eats worker.

The workers point out that for the last two weeks “the service has been dead” and from earning $300 pesos in a five-hour shift, it has decreased to 150 in an eight or nine hour shift.

“Just a few weeks ago, we used to work five hour shifts, to make 300 pesos and now, we have to wait up to ten hours and we are not even making $150 pesos. We do not know what to do, because there are days when we have to wait up to two hours for one single trip, ”said the delivery man from the well-known company.

Source: Sinaloa en Línea

The Mazatlan Post