Mazatlan “green light” for investors: SECTUR


There are international chains interested in Mazatlan and with it also airlines.

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The demand that Mazatlan has as a tourist destination is a focus, for the big investors and without a doubt, the detonators of Sinaloa will be the big tourist hotels.

Mazatlan "red light" for investors: SECTUR

Oscar Pérez Barros, Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa, said the above and pointed out that there are several hotel chains interested in Mazatlan.

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Mazatlan is growing in tourism and is working to consolidate, not only this municipality but the entire State, as an Entity that has great attractions, to captivate visitors.

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Regarding the problem that is registered with the taxi blockades, Oscar Pérez Barros, head of Tourism in the State, pointed out that he continues to hold meetings with the parties involved, in order to finally solve the problem.

Source: TVP, Sectur

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