September. Our Patriotic Month.


I bet with certainty that all Mexicans want any political party – blue, yellow, green, tricolor – to perform its functions with ethics, principles, and morals. Some party that says: “Up to here!” “We’re fed up!” “No more!”. Let the lawsuits between the political class stop and let them take care of – the principle of the struggles – which really is what matters. That they carry out actions with brains and strategy to increase employment, better working conditions, and the quality of life of those who keep this country standing… the Mexicans themselves.

To combat crime and reduce insecurity, to combat corruption, to make elections cheaper (Mexico has the most expensive elections in the entire world). To clean up the streets, to police deputies, to grow bank credit, to develop reengineering and compete against China, for example, to build more university faculties and academic supports. To emulate Brazil, to promote scientific research.

To end the obligated “tips” that have to be paid in any instance. To increase the number of Mexican patents. To go from the usual failure … to possible success.

For better streets, transit routes and access roads, for clean water, for modern schools and effective public services, for access to information – and for those who know what can be done with it. For education, for this new digital and cyber time that we are entering, and because Mexico needs it. For the rule of law, for the definition and implementation of public policies with guarantees. For the security that the State must provide and that it has not been able to do so. For human rights. For respect.

Mexico is at risk, and the time has come to sound the alarm. We all want to wake up in a better country. I believe that this will be possible when the faith of some becomes the conviction of many. When we stop being apathetic and easy criticism translates into transformative participation. Well, Mexico can be transformed through the cumulative actions – large and small – of all Mexicans. This would make us full-body citizens, those who make it a homeland by loving their land and seeking to build a country project born of plural dialogue, justice, and democracy.

Those citizens who bet on what is produced in their country and not in other nations, even when advertising and marketing bombard them from all sides.

Those who buy conscientiously in responsible consumption, who identify from afar and closely who produces with environmentally friendly processes and decides, through their consumption, that these types of companies remain in the market.

Those who buy jeans that are made in Mexico and not in Vietnam with a high environmental cost. Those who take their children or nephews to know the grain crops, instead of putting them in the commercial plaza. Those that are from the Mexican brand Jaguar and not “American Eagle”. Those who avoid giving a “mordida” (the obligatory tip) to the one who collects the garbage and to the one who puts them up in front of the line so as not to queue for some procedure, disrespecting not only himself but all the others who came to do the line before him.

This is making a country, gentlemen! And this one, it is not counted, does not decorate or disguise one of it, nor does it have lights. The homeland is in our DNA and we live with it every day, because it is like this, that with our actions and our way of conducting ourselves on a day-to-day basis, we shout out “¡Viva México!” every day (which, in other terms means “Long live Mexico”), a slogan that alludes and appeals to their permanence, to their fruitful life, and not just to shout for an hour every September 15 of each year, disguised as characters whose participation and their place in the history of the founding of this great country. There is no screaming for a moment to shut up the rest of the year, ignoring the obligations we have as citizens.

Doing our part, with the best effort from where we are, from our trenches, adopting a philosophy anchored to optimism, imagination, the desire to create, the rejection of dogmas of both the right and the left, with a philosophy formed of commitment, the conviction and the daring also, is that we can change the perception of our reality, and then yes … make PATRIA.

I declare my love to you, beaten country. But, country at last. My country.

Hurray Mexico!

¡Viva México!

By Alfonso Tornero Soto

Alfonso Tornero Soto is an Economist, specializing in Finance. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and doctoral credits in Environmental Impact and Sustainability. He is also a Corporate Consultant, Social Analyst, and lecturer and contributor to the newspaper El Sol de Mazatlán. Starting September 2020, Alfonso is now a columnist for The Mazatlan Post as well.

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