‘Watch out for vacation rentals, don’t get scammed on social media’ says Mazatlan AMPI


If you are not sure about renting a place, contact a professional real estate advisor to answer all your questions

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Renting a condo for a vacation in Mazatlán do you fear you’re being ripped off, then you should contact a real estate professional so that he can verify the existence of that apartment, requested the president of AMPI Mazatlán, Luis Enrique Peraza Reyes. 

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He made this appeal to all people who want to rent in any area of ​​the country (and not only in Mazatlán); after reporting that he is aware of people who, through social networks, try to scam those interested in staying in these rental spaces, usurping information from other owners. 

“Not just saying: Oh, I’m going to rent it with Juan Pérez! Well, who is Juan Pérez? How long does he have in income? And then there, look for their history, and if you see a property online that interests you, which says it is in Mazatlán, then call the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals that is in Mazatlán. ” 

Also that if you were a victim or know of someone who was scammed by a similar situation, you must file the corresponding complaint so that the authorities take charge and also the local AMPI associations in charge who may have detected these scams and report these abuses, explained Peraza Reyes. 

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Finally, he indicated that if you want to know what to check to find out if the place to rent is true, you must request the property receipt; but if it is a condominium regime, it is important to know what it is and where it is located. That, without forgetting what are the rules that each place offers when staying in that condominium. 

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