Radioactive source stolen in the State of Mexico is found in Tlaxcala


CONASENUSA is the government agency in charge of keeping an eye on all nuclear and radiation sources, so now in conjunction with Civil Protection, and on October 3rd, they issued an alert bulletin for a radioactive source stolen in the State of Mexico.

Fortunately, on October 4th, the source was found in Tlaxcala, according to the National Civil Protection Coordination, the container was found closed and without cracks, so that at this time it did not represent a risk for those who were close to it. The alert was lifted.

(Photo: Archive)

When the report was released on October 3, it was called a case of theft of industrial radiography equipment on the Calpulalpan-Texcoco highway in the State of Mexico. The tweet respects it from Civil Protection clarifies that the material is considered ” very dangerous .”


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