New from Ensenada: 7 gourmet and personalized experiences


Lavender farm, winery of the heir to the Kumiai ethnic group, craft beer, cheeses and lots of wine are some of the experiences and novelties of Ensenada.

We tell you about the news of Ensenada. This municipality in Baja California, due to its privileged geographical location, has fertile land and a spectacular Mediterranean climate.

When we say the Mediterranean, we are not comparing the “Baja” at all with another country, but we do emphasize that it is an ideal setting for growing grapes, which is why this area is dedicated to the most important production of wine. in Mexico, as well as the cultivation of vegetables, planting of olive trees for oil production, and an important elaboration of artisan cheeses, among many other gastronomic benefits.

Terraza Hacienda Guadalupe, vino El Caporal.

Many lovers of this destination have traveled this route several times, thinking that they have seen it all, so below we recommend 7 novelties of Ensenada for your next visit or first-time tour.

Hacienda Guadalupe

This new vineyard hotel is located right in front of the Wine Museum in the Valle de Guadalupe, so the location is central. Its 16 rooms have a privileged view worthy of a boutique hotel in the middle of the family’s vineyards.

Your tour can go from the barrel room to the tasting room and thus end with a glass of their award-winning wines on their terrace. Winemaker Daniel Lonnberg is in charge of several wineries such as Abobe Guadalupe, Norte 32, and Emevé, just to name a few, he also has his personal project Vinsur and makes the Melchum Wines, owned by the Hacienda Guadalupe group; Eating in its restaurant is also a must-see, whose proposal is novel and fresh.

Vinícola Hacienda Guadalupe

Vinos Plata

In the heart of the Valle de Guadalupe, inside an air-conditioned container and by appointment, personalized experiences are offered to taste the Silver wines, which are signature and have been a resounding success.

Erick Plata began in 2009 with the vision of exalting Mexican mining and viticulture, so among his creations are his varietals called .925 and Plata Pura, which is 100% Merlot, as well as his white wine Granalla de Plata, another of his coveted creations. It is important to know that this winemaker makes personalized wine for anyone who likes to have their own barrel.

Vinos Plata. Photo: Marianna Magos.

Cava Kak Nua

San Antonio Necua is a small indigenous community located on the northeast shore of the Guadalupe Valley where one of the novelties of Ensenada is found. There four years ago Daniel Gutiérrez opened his own cellar to the public, which is the only one belonging to the Kumiai ethnic group in Baja California.

The Kumiai inhabited these grape-producing valleys for hundreds of years and Daniel is their heir. He invites you to taste his signature red wines with a spectacular view from his cellar.

By appointment and by direct contact, the attention is personalized and the visit explains a little of what this ethnic group means for Baja California, as well as its cultural value.

The Grandmother’s Wine is the annual creation that he offers to his ancestors; It is about one varietal per year that can be a Cabernet, Merlot or Nebbiolo. There are also other labels to taste. Direct contact: [email protected]

Daniel Gutiérrez at Cava Kak Nua. Photo: Marianna Magos.


To close the afternoons of novelties from Ensenada and wine in Valle de Guadalupe, this place offers a pleasant experience with its fire kitchen, chefs Ernesto Rocha (disciple of Rick Bayless), and Erick Santiesteban are the ones who are in charge of this rural proposal in which one will find from marinated cowboy or shrimp tacos to fresh mushroom pizzas or pork jowls and itinerant suggestions depending on the season of the year.

Mixology with fresh lavender and rosemary are part of the experience and the tasting of craft beer house: Liebre, with which you can close with a flourish any day of travel.

Erick Santiesteban and Ernesto Rocha (disciple of Rick Bayless) are the chefs of Aledaño, a wood-fired kitchen. Photo: Marianna Magos.

La Cava de Marcelo and its beer tasting

This cellar is located within Rancho La Campana in the Ojos Negros Valley, owned by Marcelo Castro.

The Ramonetti family is a centennial and pioneering legend since for four generations they have been dedicated to the manufacture of artisan cheeses. Its production is 70 tons per year of Real del Castillo cheese.

Among its new attractions is a Wendlandt craft beer tasting where the cheeses from the cellar are paired with each type of beer to taste. In addition, there is a route between the shelves full of aged cheese, a section of the cellar that was previously restricted.

Rancho La Campana, La Cava de Marcelo. 

Plaza Santo Tomás

Located in Ensenada Centro, the old winery adapted one of its buildings that is 130 years old to turn it into a new culinary concept that opens from noon its 18 stores that offer from freshly ground coffee, artisan cheeses, and ice cream, wine shop, wine bar, and restaurants to eat local seafood.

We recommend you visit La Conchería, where you will always find fresh and endemic clams from the region, as well as a succulent breeze of sea flavors that are part of its culinary proposal to accompany with house wine or craft beer.

La Conchería. Photo: Marianna Magos.

Aleyha Farm

Located in the Ojos Negros Valley, this farm has lavender crops and a whole concept around such an aromatic flower. Among its more than 10 thousand lavender plants are different varieties such as Grosso, Dentada, and Augustifolia.

Norma Castro, one of its owners, offers the experience of making the most of lavender, since the preparation of cosmetic products is part of the attraction of this place, as well as enjoying a delicious meal in its open-air restaurant and closing the experience with an artisan lavender ice cream.

The farm also offers lodging services in its ecological cabins. We recommend you visit the artisan products store where you will find many derivatives of lavender and handmade honey from the place. Facebook: Aleyha Lavender Farm.

Aleyha Farm.
Hotel Boutique Valle de Guadalupe


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