Mazatlan tourists persist in not abiding by health protocols on public transport


The delegate of the State Directorate in the south of the state reported that patrols are made to fine and detain units that do not attend to health measures, however, he pointed out that the locals do respond to calls.

Sectur pone la 'lupa' en transporte público, para que cumplan con  protocolos contra el Covid-19 - Noroeste

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The incidence of users who approach public transport without the use of mouthpieces has been reduced, although this is still not fulfilled one hundred percent, therefore, inspection rounds are made by the Directorate of Roads and Transport to make the corresponding calls on the subject of prevention. 

This was reported by the delegate José Vallejo Carrillo in the southern part of the state, who reported that it is also measured how many passengers the units carry when they circulate through the tourism sector since that is where the greatest incidence occurs in not respecting health protocols. 

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“It has decreased, however, it persists especially on weekends, not so much because of the locals but rather the tourists who visit us, they are the ones who most refuse to use the mask, however, we all have to contribute to taking care of our health and avoid the greatest number of infections “. 

With this, the state official ruled that units have been fined and even detained because, in addition to not complying with the use of masks, there are those who raise extra passage, when it is not allowed to raise more than eight people in the case of the aurigas. 

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