Bahia de Banderas mountain residents evacuated due to Hernán


This morning a preventive evacuation was carried out in the Sierra de Bahía de Banderas area with City Council personnel and the National Guard. 

An operation was organized integrating three groups that went to the towns of Aguamilpa, La Ceiba, Los Sauces, El Coatante and El Colomo, to monitor the Ameca River and invite the inhabitants of houses that have been damaged by the flooding of this channel main and streams that cross their villages.

The people were invited to take shelter in the Temporary Shelter of the DIF Wake in San José del Valle, where they were given a place to sleep and food only to 6 people from the same family who agreed to be transferred, having notified a total of 95 people who decided to voluntarily relocate to the homes of relatives.

Some of the 95 residents notified in risk areas were reluctant to be transferred to the temporary shelter in San José del Valle, temporarily relocating with relatives; preventive actions will continue to be reinforced more than reaction actions

The authorities continue with monitoring tours of risk points, without neglecting ordinary services. 


The Mazatlan Post