Mazatlans La Hamburguería Restaurants lends its facilities to students without internet


As long as the health protocols can be respected, as explained on his Facebook

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Aware of the difficulties that having a return to classes “remotely” can represent for many students, the restaurants of La Hamburguería decided to lend their facilities and internet connection to anyone who needs a space and access to the Web.

Through its official Facebook page, the company made this provision known.

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La Hamburguería Restaurant lends its facilities to students without internet

This is the message that can be displayed on your social media page:

“Given the difficulties that a large part of our society has suffered to be able to access the internet and take their classes online, we make any of our branches available to them so that they can come and obtain the Service completely free, up to the capacity allowed and with all the health conditions so that they carry it out safely.


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