In the Mazatlan Municipal Presidency “There is a Power Behind the Throne”, says G. Torrentera


* Mayor listens to those he should not

* He did not want to give names,

In the Mazatlán mayor’s office there is “power behind the throne; What you see is not judged; there are people who the mayor listens to and who shouldn’t, ”David González Torrentera said in an interview with Sinaloa en Línea, after announcing his resignation as director of Economic Development and Tourism.

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In other questions, González Torrentera rejected that he has favored real estate developers in exchange for moches (bribes). “That is totally false and out of context; With the chemist, I formed a political platform and a government vision platform; We had a good relationship, although I have aspirations and I want to be the municipal president of Mazatlán and the first requirement for this is not to have a tail to be stepped on; I have a clear conscience ”.

Do you feel betrayed by the mayor? He wondered.

– “No, I do not feel betrayed, because I also commented that the (municipal) President hears voices that sell him fantasies and that I cannot consider as a betrayal, but as a lack of criteria and there is nothing personal about that; I don’t hold a grudge against him; I am grateful that derived from your administration I was able to exercise my function and served with dignity and a lot of heart; We put a lot of passion and love to work ”.

The businessman and builder also did not want to give names of those who fill the mayor’s head with “fantasies… he listens to people who don’t do him well to listen; they are people who are around the Mayor Benítez Torres ”, reiterated the now-former director.


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