AMLO will complete power plant, desalination plant, and other works in Baja California Sur


Urban Improvement Program and other actions with an investment of 450 million pesos said that he has done a good work synergy with the Governor and will continue to support all of BCS 

At the presentation event of the works of the Urban Improvement Program in the Las Palmas neighborhood of this port, with an investment of 450 million pesos, the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obradorat the request made by Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis and Mayor Armida Castro pledged to finish paving the entire Nicolás Tamaral avenue, to comply with the construction of the desalination plant. The investment is in place, the budget for the water supply in both Los Cabos and La Paz is in place and the construction of the power plant in the capital city will be completed.

With this, he stressed, in the short term there will be no blackouts, that is the commitment, they will not run out of electricity and the combined cycle plant with gas will be built in La Paz to have enough electricity in Los Cabos and throughout Baja California Sur. It is part of the energy development plan.

Also, he said, they will continue with social programs, support for the elderly, pensions and will continue to support development in the entity. He commented that he has a good relationship with the government of Baja California Sur, with Governor Mendoza Davis and there is a coordinated work.

That is why he said, he wanted to visit Los Cabos, last time he was in La Paz and he will also continue to attend Comondú, Loreto and Mulegé, reiterating that it is a pleasure for him to conclude a tour of this region of the country that began in Nayarit, Sinaloa, and Sonora.

Baja California Sur is an example of how the contrasts are being tempered, that it is not so extreme that there are luxury hotels in almost the same spaces where there are marginalized popular neighborhoods, without services, in abandonment. That is what this urban improvement program is for so that the popular neighborhoods are served with services and we are not embarrassed, we are not ashamed; that both things can be done, he said.

At the event held at the Las Palmas neighborhood court, in the presence of his wife, Beatriz Gutiérrez Mueller; Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis; the Secretary of Territorial and Urban Agrarian Development, Román Meyer Falcón; from the director of the Fonatur, Rogelio Jiménez Pons and the mayor Armida Castro Guzmán, the president indicated that tourism is a very important economic activity for Baja California Sur, for the entire country. For this reason, thousands of Mexicans from other states have come to seek their lives honestly to Los Cabos, to Baja California Sur; this state is a source of jobs, of opportunities.

Then, he added, tourism is very important for the economy, which is an activity that, in addition to generating wealth, distributes wealth. It is not like some financial activities where only a person who gambles on speculation benefits.

Here is an investment. In tourism, when a hotel is built, a lot of work is done, the economy is reactivated; and then also all the services that have to do with tourism: transport, waiters, waitresses, chefs, everyone who works in this sector.

That is why we have to take care of it, support it, promote the tourism sector and at the same time also help those who come to look for work and have nowhere to live, and after they manage to settle down, they have to suffer from a lack of services.

That is why this program is being applied in the tourist centers of Mexico. We are doing the same in Bahía de Banderas, the same; And the same work is done there in Riviera Maya, in Playa del Carmen. A similar program applies in tourist centers.

I am pleased that this first stage of the program is already being finished with an investment of around 450 million pesos, of all the works that were exhibited here.


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