The “COVID Brigade” arrives in Yucatan, medical personnel who go around the country helping in hospitals


A total of 24 health professionals including doctors and specialist nurses arrived on this day.

MÉRIDA.- A total of 24 doctors and nurses from other states came to Yucatan to help the medical team that currently maintains a strong battle against Covid-19 in state hospitals. 

This is the “COVID Brigade”, a group of specialists that has been formed to provide care in states that present critical moments, as happened at the time with  Baja California and Mexico City.

In Yucatan, it has been emphasized that public hospitals have had various casualties due to the staff that has been infected, in addition to the fact that many elements already resent the fatigue of months of work attempts during the pandemic.

Public Hospital

That is why this team of professionals offers support to create strategies that allow the depressurization of hospital saturation and care for more patients. 

The head of the IMSS in the state, Dr. Miriam Victoria Sánchez Castro, met with the group of specialists, made up of doctors and nurses who have added capacity and knowledge in handling crisis situations derived from the health emergency by COVID-19.IMSS in Yucatan receives “COVID Brigade” to reinforce medical care

Miriam Victoria Sánchez Castro speacking in the conference

“I know that they are a very valuable group, thank you for being with us to support us in this situation that concerns us all, the country and the world; thank you for your bravery, for your solidarity,” said Sánchez Castro.

Heroes of Yucatan 

The group of experts is headed by the doctor specialist in the Division of Special Projects in Health, Rodolfo Sosa Barragán, who was commissioned to come to the entity and lead the brigade, “the main objective is to collaborate and help as much as possible by Yucatan people and secondarily the rest of the team, “he said.

The nurse and floor manager of the Hospital de Especialidades de La Raza in Mexico City, Aracely Báez, is part of this group that came with the mission of collaborating with the “health heroes” of Yucatan.

“It is the first time that I have come to provide care to COVID-19 patients. It is very important to me that the staff is ready to come to support, no matter the age but the disposition,” explained the specialist nurse.


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