Dog rapist from San Cristobal de las Casas, released after 36 hours


The dog had serious lacerations on her genitals, the man only received an administrative record and 36 hours of arrest

Again a case of sexual abuse against a dog comes to light, this time the event occurred in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas.

The subject owns two female dogs, one of whom presented tears in the genitals, after repeatedly suffering sexual abuse.

After disclosing what happened, the police arrested the subject, who remained 36 hours under arrest and then was released, his only sanction was an administrative act.

In social networks, the outrage was immediate and justice was demanded for the dog.

Various comments recalled two recent cases of zoophilia that have gone unpunished, although one of them took a turn in favor of justice thanks to people’s requests.

* Despite state law, animal abuse is not yet punishable as a felony. With fines and up to 36 hours of arrest, the authorities sanction those who mistreat endemic and domestic animals.

The Municipal Police of San Cristobal de las Casas reported that these events happened on Tuesday night. At the time of going to the 2nd Closed Gustavo Flores, in the Colonia El Relicario, after a citizen report to the emergency lines, since they stated that a male person was performing animal abuse.

The uniformed officers announced that, upon arriving at the scene, they found a black Rottweiler dog, which was bloodied from the genital area, which was transferred to the base of the municipal corporation.

The residents of the place pointed to a person of the male sex as responsible for the animal abuse, stating that it is not the first time that he has carried out these acts of cruelty.

The person named began to scandalize and insult the uniformed personnel who achieved their assurance. This person responds to the name of Miguel Ángel «N», 27 years old with domicile in the same colony, and was sent to the preventive separations of the Municipal Police in compliance with an administrative sanction.

The complainant of these events, claimed to be a veterinary doctor, adding that he would request support from a canine association for medical care. Therefore, at that time, a representative of the ANIMALIX, AC association appeared at the police facilities to request the protection of the injured canine and provide him with the corresponding medical attention.

It is worth mentioning that in Chiapas, there is a Law for the Protection of Fauna in the State, which was published on July 5, 1995 , the last reform of which was carried out on May 15, 2014. This law has 95 articles in the that details the measures and sanctions to avoid any type of mistreatment towards the endemic fauna of the state, as well as the domestic one.

“Domestic animals owned by any person, as well as wild species kept in public or private captivity and those domestic animals that roam without any apparent owner within the municipalities and populations of the state, are the object of protection and protection of this law” states the article 6 of the document.

Through this regulation, the State and the necessary instances regarding the subject, undertake to ensure the integrity of fauna, both wild and domestic. In general terms, it prohibits all that practice with animals that are not regulated and negatively impact, as well as all those experiments that do not adhere to the regulations of the law.

Articles 27 and 28 mention that all acts classified as cruelty, whether intentional or not, which are those that cause damage such as considerable pain or suffering to the health of animals, will be punished through the measures mentioned in Chapter X Of the same.

“For the purposes of the previous article, the following shall be considered acts of cruelty: causing an animal considerable pain or suffering or that may seriously affect its health, without there being any legitimate reason for it, torturing or mistreating an animal for wickedness, brutality , selfishness or negligence; neglecting the dwelling and the conditions of ventilation, mobility, hygiene and shelter of an animal, causing hunger, thirst, heat stroke, considerable pain or serious damage to their health or risk of accidents; the others provided for in this order, ”he points out.

Among the sanctions detailed in the letter are the economic sanction, which ranges from five to one hundred days of minimum wage, until the administrative arrest. However, in the same way, mention is made that said punishment cannot exceed, in any case, thirty-six hours. Likewise, it indicates the obligation to repair damages by the offender.

The municipality of San Cristóbal de las Casas , where this event was registered, also has its own regulations regarding the protection of animals, which was approved on May 30, 2018 and has a total of 41 articles, with legislation very similar to state law. However, it does not only mention responsibilities and sanctions towards animal owners, but not third parties.

Regulation for the Protection and Control of Domestic Fauna in the Municipality of San Cristobal de Las Casas, mentions in its chapter III entitled “Of the protection measures for domestic animals” some recommendations to ensure the good treatment and preservation of fauna. Both precautionary measures and sanctions are very similar to the provisions of the state protection regulations.

It should be noted that none of the regulations refers to the crime of rape, much less that cases of abuse are tried through an investigation folder. Therefore, according to Adriana Torres, president of Actúa AC, one of the various associations that exist in favor of animal rights in Chiapas, it is worrying that these laws are still taken lightly.

“The State must guarantee the protection of animals, since, just like us, they are living beings and have rights, even those that are in a street situation as they are the most vulnerable,” Torres points out, calling for these situations are punished more severely to prevent offenders from re-offending this type of torture against animals.

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