Restaurants would migrate from Guanajuato to Queretaro


Regarding the most demanded locations for the installation of these ten restaurants, they indicate that it is Bernardo Quintana, Constituyentes, and the municipality of Corregidora. 

Despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, investor interest in the state of Querétaro remains and today at least 10 gastronomic projects “are on the doorstep.”

Querétaro es el nuevo punto de migración para negocios afectados ...

Of these ten investment projects, six correspond to restaurants that have closed in the neighboring state of Guanajuato and are now seeking to settle in this entity, reported the president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry, (Canirac), Octavio Mata.

“They come from all over the world, but above all in the Guanajuato area, there are more than six businessmen who want to move their businesses to Querétaro: they are businesses that hope to relocate here.”

Al alza apertura de restaurantes - Diario de Querétaro

Without specifying the amount of these investments, he commented that these are large and medium-sized businesses that, on average, will be generating between 25 and 50 direct jobs each.

He shared that at the moment three new businesses are already preparing the spaces where they will be operating soon.

He stressed that the work that has been done not only in security but in different subjects maintains Querétaro as a reliable investment destination.

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“Fortunately, there are people interested in opening and investing in Querétaro, thanks to the good work that has been done, not only in security, and although events do happen, we are not in a situation as unfortunate as it happens in other states… there are many entrepreneurs who are looking to come to Querétaro for that situation ”, as well as for the economic issue that, although it has not been exempt from the national and international environment, businessmen seek to come and install their businesses.

Regarding the most demanded locations for the installation of these dozen restaurants, the president of Canirac reported that it is the same for the Bernardo Quintana area, as for Constituyentes Avenue as well as the municipality of Corregidora.

Pese a contingencia por coronavirus no está prohibido ir a fondas ...

He also mentioned that these businessmen who seek to join the gastronomic offer intend to do so as soon as possible with everything that implies the traffic light conditions in which the state is located, this is the opening of the sector to 50% of its capacity, as well as compliance with all health protocols.

“The only thing that is asked of them is to train all their personnel in the subject of the protocols that they have with the Ministry of Health as well as with the Ministry of Tourism,” he concluded.


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