Mazatlan bathers continue to disobey the rules in beach areas


Visitors want to stay late

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- 8:00 p.m. marked the clock when an aquatic element asked people in the sea to abandon the water.

However, they ignored the recommendations of the rescuers, because only the bathers turned, looked at the lifeguard and were still in the water.

09 07 20 Images of Mazatlán Beach

The minutes passed and the lifeguard walked the beach that is at the height of the monument to “Los Monos Bichis” asking people to get out of the water and apparently the bathers were “deaf” as they did not obey the orders.

The afternoon kept falling and a boy continued in the water playing with his board, endangering his video since apparently he was alone because his parents did not pay attention to him because he was appreciating the sunset.

09 07 20 Lifeguards disobeyed

At 8:30 p.m., he was ticking the clock and there were still people on the beach, apparently, they did not want to obey the orders of the lifeguard, who withdrew from the place since the whole beach was little illuminated from street lights of Del Mar Avenue.

The measures that will be taken, he announced that on the beaches the number of people who may be in each area will be limited and the healthy distance of one and a half meters will be required.


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