Mazatlan mayor presides re-opening event


Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres gave the kick-off of the tourist opening in Mazatlán that includes hotels, beaches and water parks, as well as an inspection and surveillance operation throughout the coastal area.

The municipal president pointed out that with the reopening, 8 protocols for tourist activity and all public policies related to the use and enjoyment of the beaches are put into operation, including teal table runner.

He acknowledged that it was not easy to determine the date to restart the tourist opening, since Sinaloa is still at a red light, but these three months of confinement Mazatlán prepared to offer a better image as a tourist destination with works in tourist areas and popular colonies.

Benitez Torres cited the embellishment of the boardwalk, throughout Del Mar Avenue, and the remodeling of Camarón Sábalo and Rafael Buelna avenues.

The event was held with the presence of the Undersecretary for Planning, Investment, and Development of the State Tourism Secretariat, Juan José Ruiz González, and the head of Capta, Astrid Macías, who is in charge of the coordination of the operation in the coastal zone.

Source: OEM

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