The reality of Covid-19 in Mazatlan; It surpasses official government numbers


 JULY 1, 2020

Tourist and beach opening is counterproductive; no beds available in private hospitals, says internist

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The opening of the tourist activity and the beaches as of this week is a counterproductive measure since it will mean a rebound in the cases of Covid-19  warned the internist doctor Héctor Velasco Serrano, who said that the hospital capacity from the private sector is still exhausted and that the Father’s Day festivities generated a rebound in patients that have not yet been registered in official figures

The member of the Municipal Health Committee indicated that the official figures do not record the total amount of patients since he alone has treated 486 patients with coronavirus symptoms in private hospitals, so he considered that the real cases exceed between 5 and 10 times more than the statistics handled by the health sector platform.

Contagions do not stop in Sinaloa, they now exceed 8,000 and 1,257 ...

According to data from the Secretary of Health of the State of Sinaloa, as of June 29, the hospital occupation of the private sector in Mazatlán was 94%, while in general, of 271 beds for Covid-19 patients, only 58% were busy.

These days the beds were filled by the patients who caught the Father’s Day, the celebrations of Father’s Day are being reflected a week later, which are the ones with which we are filling the intensive care areas, the peak has not dropped. of the pandemic, it is still very high; by opening everything, the cases will continue to increase.

Velasco Serrano

He said that although hospital capacity is 60% in the public sector, a coronavirus outbreak would put the health sector in check, as the curve of cases remains very high at the end of June and with the opening of tourism and beaches an increase in incidence is expected.

The curve has not yet been lowered, we are in a very high curve, we have many infections, so many that there are no beds available in the private sector, Covid-19 patient beds are full in hospitals.

Velasco Serrano

Both in the Medical-Surgical Center and in the Clinica del Mar, Sharp hospital and La Marina, there are no beds for Covid-19 patients, since the spaces that were vacated in the last week were used for new patients who were infected during the celebrations of Father’s Day when the population relaxed regarding preventive measures.

He insisted that it is a mistake that people do not use face masks in public places or where there are more than two or three people because their use protects some as others.

People still do not believe, even though they are dying, and they still do not wear face masks, Seguro Social, taxi drivers do not wear masks, I would not use a taxi driver who does not wear masks, and people the same, the taxi driver does not He knows if the one who brings Covid, or the user if the driver does not wear, the face mask protects both.

Velasco Serrano

He commented that on the eve of the opening, for each bed in the private sector, there are between three or four patients waiting to use them.

There will be no hospital capacity for an increase, with the outbreak that we have, the hospital capacity of private hospitals is exhausted, in a regrowth, there are waiting lists of up to three or four patients for a bed in private hospitals, in a regrowth that is going to pass, we will not cope.

Velasco Serrano


271 Covid-19 patient beds exist in Mazatlán in both the private and public sectors.

157 beds available for Covid patients were in the port as of June 29, according to official figures.

58% is the general hospital occupation in Mazatlán, with cut to June 29.


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