Los Cabos hotels and timeshares reopen Monday, June 15th


The executive president of the AHLC, Lilzzi Orci, revealed that they will open with 40% of the destination’s inventory, which is 17,500 rooms, while Javier Olivares, executive president of Asudestico said that they will open with 75% of the inventory, but the arrival of tourists will be given gradually

Lilzzi Orci

San José del Cabo.-The hotel sector of Los Cabos declared itself ready to start tourist activities starting this Monday, June 15, with all the protocols in place to apply and expecting to welcome tourists with open arms. Lilzzi Orci, executive president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association (AHLC) and Javier Olivares Velásquez, executive president of the South-Californian Association of Timeshare Developers (Asudestico) agreed to point out.

Javier Olivares

Lilzzi Oric revealed that they will open with 40 percent of the capacity of the traditional hotel sector and complying with strict sanitary measures and with that recommended by the sanitary authorities and with the concepts of the clean point recommended by the Ministry of Tourism in the entity.

“As of Monday, all the hotels are ready to open. What we will be doing is opening with less than normal inventory, which this has for, as we have already mentioned in the opening plan, it does not saturate the market because we know right now that even if they arrive on Monday, the tourists will not reach us as they were reaching the levels of last year, they will behave and arrive at the destination in a gradual way ”.

“We are estimating to open 40 percent of the inventory, reiterating that the total inventory of the partners is 17,500 rooms.

For his part, the executive president of Asudestico, Francisco Javier Olivares, indicated that 75% of the timeshare is ready to receive tourists and their arrival will be gradually

“I believe that in this starting signal we will be around 75 percent of the timeshares already the following week and in 15 more days we will be 95 percent. We are talking about 8 thousand keys but this is going to happen gradually and right now we have some accommodation capacity according to the level we are in but it goes hand in hand, not everyone is traveling, I think it will go hand in hand supply and demand ”, concluded Javier Olivares Velásquez.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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