Canadian citizen injured on bicycle accident in Mazatlan


The man was traveling on a bicycle and when he went down the Juan Pablo Segundo bridge he fell and suffered injuries.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A Canadian citizen was injured when he was riding a bicycle and fell hitting his head as he lowered the vehicular bridge on Avenida Juan Pablo Segundo near the Ignacio Allende neighborhood.

The injured person identified himself as Tim, 42, who ended up with injuries to his right shoulder and was taken to the local Red Cross facilities for a medical evaluation.

Veteran Mazatlan Paramedics were the ones who treated the person, who lost control of his bicycle when he was coming down the bridge where there are channels for water to circulate in rainy weather.

Elements of Municipal Transit, as well as the Police, went to the place to learn what had happened and they were in charge of moving the bicycle to the facilities of the Center for Citizen Security.

Source: Debate

The Mazatlan Post