Food and seeds were taken to Sierra de Sinaloa to calm hunger of mountain people


They accuse that the government continues to keep these citizens living in the mountains of the municipality of Sinaloa mired in social backwardness

Hunger strolls through the mountain communities of the municipality of Sinaloa and takes its toll in the homes of plastic and sticks, were children, the elderly, and adults alike live and suffer. 

The situation in these months has been critical and even if they wanted to, they cannot simply forget them, says retired professor Román Rubio López, who is a member of the Tarahumara Sinaloense Collective. 

It will be next Wednesday, June 3, when a group of retired teachers will go to Jikapory, where they will stay to sleep to continue towards Las Juntas, Duraznito, Tuna de Abajo, El Limón and Las Cuevas.

They will take corn, corn flour, beans, chickpea, some medicines, they bought this with the support of the Morena parliamentary group and some donations. 

Vegetable seeds for the backyard

Rubio López added that thanks to the support of a retired teacher from Sonora they will also carry 20 packages of backyard seeds. 

“We are going to distribute them among families with the intention that this will serve them so that in some way they can be self-sustaining. We hope that it works well and that it adapts. If this works, it will greatly help the quality of life and food that the families of these communities have, who actually know what hunger is and unfortunately, they live often with this condition. ”

Tomato plants, carrots, cabbage, pumpkins, are some of the seeds in these packages. 

Attention to mountain communities

The activist pointed out that although some time has passed, they are not happy with not knowing what was done with the money budgeted in 2019 to provide attention to the mountain communities, as he criticized that the development program they proposed almost nothing was materialized. 

“Imagine, they budgeted 800 thousand pesos only for the transfer of the supports, and the only community that went was to the head of San José de Gracia, there they left items such as food, some chickens, which due to the specifications was not possible adapting them there in that area, so it was very difficult for people to go down and take one or two sacks on foot, there was a lot of opacity and that it was not worth it. ”

He asked the government to act because although society supports this, it is insufficient to fulfill the needs of the inhabitants.


The Mazatlan Post