The Tortas with more ‘claw’ in Mazatlan are those of El ‘Tigre’


The merchant has 25 years of work, which thanks to his charisma has become one of the iconic characters of the port

El Tigre

¡Ánimo tigre! ? Si te perdiste el reportaje aquí lo tenemos

Posted by TVP Mazatlán on Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mazatlan, Sin. – Through his veins runs the blood of a merchant, an inheritance that his father left him and that to date has followed the ‘foot of the letter’ to move his family forward, with the profits left by the sale of tortas.

At the age of 14, José Luis Tirado Lizárraga, better known as “El Tigre”, had his first approach with his dad’s business, which he is leading today.

Between the smell of butter and roasted meat, the young merchant began to chop stone in an establishment that has seen it grow, and which he considers as his second home, which is located along the Ejercito Mexicano Avenue, next to the University Autonomous of Sinaloa.

And it is that most of the day is spent in your business, with a schedule from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night, to return home, rest and prepare for the next day.

“El Tigre” remembers that he had just entered high school and while studying he also worked with an uncle, precisely on the property he owns today.

After two years, he says, the establishment passed into the hands of his father. The experience of having worked in the sale of tacos made their parent immediately “connect” with the taste of their stews to the UAS student body, which is 99% of customers who consume what they make.

From tacos to tortas

My dad already had some experience in commerce, because he always liked to sell tacos, hot-dogs, commerce, and that’s how he started offering what he prepared here next to the school.

The Tiger

Remember that Rubén Jaramillo High School students saw well the snacks that his father prepared, however, he felt like something was missing from his food stand. Before leaving the business, he expanded the variety of products he offered to his clients, among which one of the preparations that has been in demand since then has stood out: Tortas.

That is what identifies its establishment, which, in the morning, at noon or at night, occupies some of the almost 20 spaces in that place.

El Tigre

After taking over the establishment, the merchant, 38 years old, acknowledges being little known by his name, but if they ask for “El Tigre”, they know who they are talking about.

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“When people arrive, I call everyone: ‘Tigre’ and after a while, that nickname stayed with me it’s part of, and that’s what they call me every time they ask me for a Torta “

And although his business does not bear the name with which he is known, he ensures that people advertise him as the Tortas of “El Tigre”.

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The students are the ones who go with him in that way, who yell at him: “That my tigre”, every time they pass near his post, and even from inside an urban passenger bus.

A world of Tortas

José Luis does not know exactly how many tortas he prepares during a day, since although it is the craving he makes most, he is also asked for taco and quesadillas orders.

After breaking the bread in half, he says, first smear it with butter to immediately place it on the griddle while preparing the other ingredients that you will use in the preparation.

Despite the heat generated by cooking dozens of tortas, the merchant points out that his work is a labor of love, and that does not make him tired or resents the temperature that originates the stove.


Gastronomy, he says, is part of his life and that is why he was in charge of creating a tortas that many people ask for every time he tells them about the menu he has.

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“The Super Special,” he says, is the name of the dish that formed and, because of its taste and consistency, makes the palates of its customers satisfied.

That type of cake, he says, is made up of everything he sells at his stand, from yellow cheese, ham, leg meat, and roast.

As a complement, precise, lettuce, cream, tomato, chili, and guacamole are also added. All ingredients form a perfect combination that makes “mouth water” to those who try them.

Famous phrases and social networks

“Pure fear”, “I see you … danced by a dream”, “we follow the prices for you” and “get you tiger”, are some of the phrases of the merchant who have become famous regionally in recent years.

And in addition to making tortas, “El Tigre” is also known for its charisma and the way it addresses its customers.

Its popularity has reached social networks, where even its image is part of the collection of “stikers” that WhatsApp users create to communicate.

He acknowledges that he will continue to give his job for many years. So there will be “Tigre” for a while … “make him want” … “everything pa ‘ahead” … “is everything, tiger”.

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José Luis Tirado was 14 years old when he had his first approach to his dad’s food business.

6:00 in the morning is the time that opens your business.

38 years is owner of “El Tigre”


“Pure fear”

“I see you. danced by a dream ”

“We follow the prices for you”

“Get him tiger”

“It’s all, tiger”

“Make you want tiger”

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