Mazatlan cruise ship passengers spend very little while in port


The lack of attractions in the destination and that it is not the last docking port does not encourage spending

Mazatlan, Sin. With the increase in the arrival of cruise ships and the number of passengers, more attractions in Mazatlan are necessary so that the economic spill can increase; Alfonso Gil Díaz admitted.

The director of special projects of the State Sectur, said that since last year the average expenditure per cruise ship is maintained at $60 during his stay in Mazatlan.

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He said that with the devaluations they spend less money, in addition to the last docking port of the ship is also where they spend more, such as Cozumel and Los Cabos.

According to the studies that are done every year, they spend more or less the same, the problem is that there are no Duty-Free stores here, and that is a big difference, and there can be no because we are not the last port where the cruise ships arrive.

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He explained that Duty-Free are retail stores free of taxes and local and national fees. They are usually found in the international zone, both at airports and seaports. But you can also run into them onboard planes or ships, or at the borders of some countries.

Gil Díaz said that, according to this study of this company, Mazatlan is very good in terms of tours, equal or better than Vallarta, but more variety is required, both in the city and in the rural area.

He added that the Mexican port that receives the most cruise ships and where they spend up to 100 dollars each, is Cozumel.

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By 2020, 156 vessels are scheduled to Mazatlan, and so far this year 18 cruise ships have arrived, which have left an economic spill of four million dollars.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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