Mazatlan Aquarium frees 183 tortoises

The event was attended by the actress Angélica Aragón, Mrs. Gabriela Peña Chico, President of the municipal DIF, members of the Children’s Council and the general public

Mazatlan.- In an emotional act of wildlife protection, in the afternoon the Mazatlan Aquarium released 183 sea turtles, on the beaches of the port.

Three of these species were rescued and donated by Mexican actress Angélica Aragón, 10 days ago she witnessed how they were born in a place of difficult access to the sea, in Playa Cerritos. The rest are the product of the nesting season 2019.

Mrs. Gabriela Peña Chico, President of DIF Mazatlán, was a special guest along with the members of the Cabildo Infantil.

And for a few minutes, after the informative talk given by the person in charge of the program, the Biologist, José Barrón Hernández, the attendees were able to contemplate the wonder of the natural process.

In the world there are 8 species of sea turtles, 7 of them can be found in our country and 5 of them reach Sinaloense territory.

Source: pmxportal

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