Expats enjoy Mazatlan’s Organic Market


At 9:30 in the morning, the activity began, which takes place inside the Organic Market of Mazatlan

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The smell of grilled ceviche and chicken could be perceived this morning in each corner of the Mazatlan Organic Market, located in the Ignacio Zaragoza square.

The rich aroma was emanated through an outdoor cooking class, which attracted the attention of the “dealers”, who stopped their purchases to admire the elaboration of both dishes.

The Deputy Manager of the MOM, Ángel Ceballos, commented, the activity is part of the cooking demonstrations, which the commercial premises do twice a month.

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On this occasion it was our Agatha Kitchen’s friends, who are located in the Golden Zone and come to prepare a tuna ceviche and a grilled chicken

Angel Ceballo

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He acknowledged that kind of samples like foreign tourism, which takes advantage of its stay in the port not only to enjoy its beaches.

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Source: el sol de mazatlan

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