Mango dehydrator in Escuinapa Sinaloa an employment-generating source


Up to 600 jobs are generated thanks to the production of this fruit

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Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- As is known, the mango harvest has its derivatives and the escuinapenses in addition to living from fishing, have another activity that creates a great opportunity for workers.

Resultado de imagen de huertas de mango sinaloa"

“Up to 600 jobs are generated by Puré Mango, a family business, with more than 11 years, in the foreign market,” says Juan Ángel Duran, in charge of purchases with 10 years in the company.

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Concentrated mango, juice, and dried fruit is what we produce in this company, they do not consume it in the municipality, it is more for export, countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe, they are places where our products can be found for sale. Juan Angel added.

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On the other hand, Ms. Carolina Pérez, in charge of Human Resources, tells us that the personnel who work with them are basic and temporary personnel, who are given extreme training to take care of hygiene standards, and production, so that it is required to cover certain established norms

Resultado de imagen de huertas de mango sinaloa"

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