Mazatlan Aquarium intensifies works towards environmental conservation

The Mazatlan Aquarium will celebrate “World Day of Environmental Education and Wildlife” with various activities.

Mazatlan.- Within the framework of the World Day for Environmental Education and World Wildlife Day, the Mazatlan Aquarium will have a series of activities for the conservation of the environment and species, during the next two months.

Pablo Rojas Zepeda, director of the institution, informed that on Monday, January 27, the Aquarium will celebrate the World Day of Environmental Education, with talks and conferences at the Miguel Valadés Lejarza auditorium and the Botanical Garden area, with the participation of local students.

Pablo Rojas Zepeda, director of the “Acuario Mazatlán“.

He said the talks will be about environmental care, that trees will be planted, and that the idea is that children have physical contact with nature and learn directly from the environment.

On January 30 and February 12, the Mazatlan Aquarium will receive visitors from the Network Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities and Benito Juárez Elementary School, of the Puerta de San Marcos, respectively.

The Mazatlan Post