Mazatlan women are trained in self defense

Mazatlan.- Around 70 women, adults and girls, were trained on Saturday afternoon, in techniques to counteract an aggression.

The activity is organized by the Municipal Women’s Institute and was carried out in the Martiniano Carvajal Park. The lessons are taught by martial arts and self-defense instructors.

María del Carmen Ramírez Morales, director of INMUJER, stated that these types of actions are part of the Join campaign, which they perform every 25th of the month to end the violence against women and girls.

“We as an institute are worried about genre violence, and consider that this type of activities are good for women, in this case these are very simple techniques that can be learned easily,” said Ramírez Morales.

He clarified that all women are exposed to violence, in Mazatlan or anywhere else in the world, so these actions are good and useful for them to learn.

The Mazatlan Post